Eminem, Mandy is not just another fan.

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Celebrity Letter for Eminem

Letter to Eminem from Mandy


They call me Mandy. Known as, “That Girl Who’s Always Smiling,” or, “That Girl Who’s Mom Died Last Year,” or, “That Girl Who’s Never Sad.” You know, the typical pre-teen stereotypes. If only they knew what a struggle life actually was for me. Now, I know you probably have your OWN life issues to worry about, and you’re just expecting another fan mail addressed from, “Your Biggest Fan,” but I guess this just isn’t one of those. Come to think of it, maybe I should skip my past life experiences, it doesn’t exactly bring out the whole point of this letter.

You know, I have a lot of respect for you, and it’s NOT just because you rap. It’s because you rap a story. Everything you say is real, and I can relate to your lyrics. I can feel it through your words, and see it through your eyes. You’re not just another one of those rappers who think it’s “cool” to curse and swear on national television. Or maybe you do? I’m not sure, but I do know that what you’re really trying to do is put out a message. You’re trying to teach something. You have a moral to your songs, and you want to share your experiences. When I look at you, I see strength, courage, and most of all, experience. You’re my idol, Eminem. You’re that strength that keeps me going, even when I’m in my worst state. You show me what life really is about, and I appreciate what you do. I know this may sound funny coming from a twelve year old who’s never been to a concert, doesn’t own any albums and has no posters of you hanging up on her walls, but I never really was one for obsession. I give respect instead, because it’s real. Obsession is but a state of mind, you eventually just move on. But respect is always there, unless proven wrong.

So I heard about your last album, you told everyone to throw it out. Doing heroine, eh? Doesn’t sound too good, but I get it. We all do stupid things once in a while, and most of us usually realize it isn’t right and snap out of it. Luckily, you did. I was starting to worry about you. I’ve loved your music ever since I was in the second grade, and all of a sudden, you just changed. I wanted Marshall Matters back, not this “Slim Shady” I was hearing of. To be honest, the moment your music changed, was the moment my life got worse. I mean, it was never perfect, and I’m glad for that, I wouldn’t want a perfect life… but once your style changed, I lost that certain strength I had. I’m glad to have you back, please don’t ever change. Don’t get caught up in what the media says. I’m sure you hear racism all the time towards you, saying things like, “He’s white, he can’t rap,” but don’t listen to them. Please. It’s not the outside which counts, it’s the inside. I know that sounds like some cheesy bullshit, but it’s true. All rappers are good, but you’re number one on my list, because you’re real. You rap about real life, not some random shit other rappers try to pull off. Just be YOU, don’t let ‘em get to you. Hey, take your own advice for once, “You only get one shot, do not get the chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, YO!” Hah, couldn’t have said it better myself!

So like any other letter you probably receive, I do happen to have a few questions for you. It’s alright if you don’t ever get time to mail me back, I’ll just keep on sending you letters! Just kidding, I know how it is to be famous, you’re just too busy. At least you’ll always know what people wonder about you!

Here are the questions:
1) Was your song “Stan” actually a true story, or was it just a random rap you thought of?
2) Why did you dye your hair blonde?
3) Do you receive a lot of letters, and do you read/reply to them yourself?
4) What will your next song be about?
5) What’s the most touching letter you’ve ever read?

Thanks for reading this letter, Eminem. Hopefully you’ll be able to reply to me, it would really suck if you didn’t. Even if it takes months, please try to reply. Although if you never do, I’d understand, being famous is a lot to keep up with. But anyways, good luck with your next album! I can’t wait to hear it when it comes out. Watch out for yourself, too! Hey, when the going gets tough, make it better! If you can’t, then you’re screwed… just kidding, you’ve always got your fans. By the way, would you be able to send me an autographed picture or t-shirt of you? It doesn’t matter what size t-shirt, I’d just appreciate your gesture!








2 Responses to “Eminem, Mandy is not just another fan.”

  • Nichole says:

    Has eminem replied to you? Cause if he does I would like to know I want to send eminem some letters too


  • nicky says:

    did he reply ?




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